Vote 1, Lollies!

BirdieAn important message from Sir Beakley Featherstone-Birdsworth, President, CEO and CFI (Chief Feathered Inhabitant) of the Wall of Lollies:

My Fellow Huonvalleyans,

I address you today not merely as a successful and respected leader, not as just a famous and well-loved multi-billionaire philanthropist, Olympic athlete and super hero, but as a simple, humble feathered Huon Valley citizen with an important plea.

Please vote for the Wall of Lollies.

The Huon Valley Business Awards are open now, and everyone who lives and does business in our beautiful valley is eligible to vote.  The winner of the awards will, of course, be publicly praised and congratulated, and that’s a lovely thing.  But far more important for me as President, and for my loyal staff Leonie, Grant, Tracy, Sue and Jonathan, is that it will show us how much we matter to you.

You and I know there’s no lolly shop in the Valley anything like The Wall, and indeed nothing coming close anywhere in the world.  But does the whole of the Huon Valley know?  We must make sure!  Please vote for the Wall of Lollies and make sure the message gets out!

Yours flutteringly,

Sir Beakley Featherstone-Birdsworth OBE OMG LOL RSVP PMSL

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