Lolly Buffets: The Party Is At Your Place

Mother's Day displayYou’ll have seen the spectacular displays of sweet things at the Wall of Lollies.  Leonie is an expert at putting together these lolly buffets full of the best flavours and colours.  Her window displays have won awards, and you always know Christmas or Halloween or Mother’s Day (pictured) are coming because of the decorative arrangements in the shop.

So what if you’re having a special occasion and you want the same sort of delicious, decorative display at your place?  You could probably hire some party planner at a zillion dollars a pop to produce something adequate, but now there’s a better option: Leonie can come to you!

Mother's Day display - not even half of it!Friends close to her suspect that she just loves making displays and wants an excuse to make more.  Which is good news for you: if you’ve got a special birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or a particularly important event coming up, contact Leonie at the Wall of Lollies and she will work out the best possible centrepiece for your celebration.  Her prices, unlike the party planners and their enormous bills, are not just reasonable but also highly flexible.  And she has the runs on the board, so you know you’ll be getting something amazing.

Give the Wall a call and see what Leonie can do for you.

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