Eat A Bilby, Save A Bilby

Bilbies: cute or what?The symbol of Easter is the Easter Bunny, but in Australia the bunny has a bad reputation. Sure, rabbits are cute and fluffy say “What’s up, doc?” in an amusing way, but they also overrun our farmland, out-compete native species and breed like, well, rabbits. So a while ago, the Foundation for a Rabbit-Free Australia came up with the idea of The Easter Bilby, for a uniquely Aussie twist.

The Easter DisplayBilbies are cuter and fluffier than bunnies, and while they don’t usually have the same catch-phrases they make up for it in charisma.  They’re also highly endangered, and they need your help.

Pink Lady Chocolates, an Australian company now in its ninth decade, makes these delicious chocolate Easter Bilbies, and with every sale they donate to the Save A Bilby Fund.  They just gave a $10,000 cheque to the Currawinya National Park in Queensland to support the release back into the wild of bilbies bred in captivity.  You can support this generosity and support the cutest of Australian mammals.

Come in to the Wall of Lollies and check out the new Easter display, with Easter Bilbies taking centre stage.  Eat a bilby, save a bilby!

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