The Truth About Global Warming

You’ve heard of global warming by now. The Earth is getting hotter, and it may be too late to do anything about it.  But the Wall of Lollies Department of Climate Infographics has come up with a solution that, we can all agree, will make it all better:


OK, it may not save the polar bears or prevent Fiji being inundated by 2050, but if warm weather is getting you down, some premium Tasmanian ice cream from Valhalla certainly can’t hurt. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Switch off the lights at home. You’re going to the lolly shop, so you don’t need to waste electricity while you’re out.
  2. If you live in sunny Geeveston, get out the old pushbike and ride down to the Wall of Lollies.  If you’re further away, get together with your friends and carpool, or catch a bus.  (That’s a free plug for Leonie’s husband Grant, who drives a bus for Tassielink!)
  3. Browse the extensive selection of ice creams.  Pick the one, two or three flavours you love best.
  4. Pick a size: a children’s cone with a lolly on top, or a single, double or even a triple.
  5. Enjoy the cool!

Lavender Ice CreamAnd since you’re coming in anyway, why not try some of the new flavours?  The Wall of Lollies is proud to present its new taste sensation, lavender ice cream.  Or if you’re a fan of Masaaki’s sushi (open next door, Fridays and Saturdays) and you want something suitably Japanese to go with your inari and your nagiri, why not try the new green tea ice cream?

But don’t worry – if you’re not quite that brave, there’s still the old favourites: rum and raisin, rainbow, raspberry cream… and that’s just one initial.  There’s lots more to choose from.

Come in and get cool for summer.

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