The Wall Is Growing!

2013-11-21 13.06.18In the last few months, the space given over to pure indulgence at the Wall of Lollies has expanded.  The best lolly shop in Tasmania now boasts:

  • 638 feet (194.5 metres) of shelf space, not counting icecream and stocking fillers (about which, more tomorrow!)
  • Over 1400 individual jars of lollies, from Aniseed Rings to Zappo Gumballs, and that’s not counting the chocolate boxes and Jelly Bellies
  • 73 individual types of lolly made right here in Tassie
  • 26 flavours of Valhalla ice cream
  • 40 flavours of Jelly Belly jelly beans
  • one feathered friend (secretly the President of the whole Wall of Lollies empire) about whom we have some news (stay tuned!)

The Wall of Lollies doesn’t stand still!

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