Is It Nearly Christmas Already???

Stocking Stuffers on display

It’s five weeks to Christmas. We probably have to stop complaining about all the shops putting out Chrissy decorations now. So it’s about time to consider the important question of stocking stuffers.


Did you know the Wall of Lollies is also the Wall of Toys, Knick-Knacks and General Fun Stuff? ¬†It’s not all sugar (or sugar-free sweet things) around here.

All over the place!

Come in any time and check out the range. There are boys’ toys, girls’ toys and (best of all) toys that don’t mind who or what you are. ¬†Leonie is especially proud of her collection of Golliwogs, which have escaped the pages of Enid Blyton’s Noddy books and now lounge about on the shelves, waiting to be taken home.

Christmas shopping need not be a time for trepidation. Come to the Wall of Lollies and put your mind at ease.

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