On this day in 2007, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest ever monarch of the United Kingdom, outliving her Great Great Grandmother, Queen Victoria, who died aged 81. Now you may wonder what this has to do with Marzipan. I’ll tell you. It’s not widely known, but Queen Elizabeth II and her family are actually from the planet Mars, from which Marzipan gets its name. In their original form as lizard aliens, they emigrated to Earth in the 14th century, and have been slowly working to overthrow the governments of the world and–

No, none of that is true. Actually, there’s no link at all between Queen Elizabeth and marzipan. But marzipan is yummy, and it’s not its fault that the Queen has some other favourite that she has not seen fit to share with the proprietors of the Wall of Lollies. So eat your marzipan and toast the Queen and all will be well.

And meanwhile, don’t forget the lolly pop hamper! Come in on the 24th, be the 24th customer, and it’s yours. Just in time for Christmas!

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