Boiled Lollies

Today in 1843, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol went on sale for the first time, so I know you’ll be expecting humbugs to be the lolly of the day, but that was entirely too predictable.  The Wall of Lollies has over a thousand different varieties, including quite a few traditional English sweeties of which the humbug is only one.  These Boiled Lollies are a typical example of the riot of colours and flavours you can expect.

And while we’re talking colours and flavours, you can’t go past the Wall of Lollies’ signature lollypops, which is why we have another prize waiting for you.  Be the 24th person in the door on the 24th of December to win the Christmas Eve Lolly Pop Hamper!  Come in and see it beforehand, then time your return veeeeeery carefully to win!

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