Apple Bon-Bons

2012-11-29 15.52.36If you’re reading this, it means the loonies were wrong about the Mayan Calendar and the world hasn’t ended after all. This is a Good Thing, because it means you can afford a moment to enjoy possibly the yummiest lolly in the entire Wall of Lollies, the Apple Bon-Bon. There are a number of bon-bons, all of them delicious, including lemon, toffee, strawberry and blackcurrant, but the apple bon-bons are definitely the best. And being apple flavoured, they’re the most patriotically Tasmanian. Therefore, to celebrate your continued survival, you must remember to pop in and get some!

And while you’re here, check out the amazing lolly pop hamper, which will be given to the twenty-fourth person through the door on the 24th, Christmas Eve. Don’t miss it!

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