Let’s Get Medieval

The Medieval Mayhem is coming! The Wall of Lollies will be there, among the armoured knights and strolling minstrels of yesteryear. But what can you expect from a medieval lolly shop? I’m glad you asked…

The Wall of Witches

The old saying goes that life in the Middle Ages was just like the people: ugly, brutish and short. But we’ll have none of that! Would you like a magic spell to make you beautiful? Just ask Leonie for her recipe:

The Wall of Witches Beauty Potion

Jelly-Filled Brains (for wit)
Strawberry Hearts (for love)
Sour Ears (for sensitivity)
Gummy Feet (for swiftness)
Teeth (for smiles)
Jelly Babies
(for youth)
Yoghurt Frogs
(for turning into a prince or princess)
Fried Eggs
(for egg-cellence)

Place in cauldron. Stir. Eat.  Behold as the magic transforms you!  Magic!

But what if you want to armour up and win a war against indefatigable foes?  Well, for that you’ll need…

Lady Leonie’s Dragon-Defeating, Knight-Knocking Power Potion

Sour Lizards (for agility)
Jelly-Filled Turtles
(for patience)
Chicken Feet
(for courage)
Green and Red Frogs (for being princely)
(for fancy footwork)
Flying Saucers Shields (for defence)
(for attack)
Racing Cars Carts
(for speed)

Place all ingredients in armour bag (remove swords first). Put on armour and go into battle.  Eat potion when needed for victory!

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