See Us At The Taste!

The Wall of Lollies will be present at Taste of the Huon, Sunday 12th and Monday 13th of March 2017. Come and see, and try some sweet fare!

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MORE Fudge!

Around these parts, there are three things that never stop: Geeveston rain, kamikaze native chooks, and Leonie’s experiments in new fudge flavours. The fudge is much more pleasant than the rain and doesn’t make squawking noises like the turbo chooks, so it’s definitely the best of the three things. Come in and check out the newest inventions!

Piña Colada
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Liqueur
Raspberry Shortcake
Blueberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Irish Cream
Blackberry Cheesecake
Raspberry Crumble
Chocolate Cheesecake
Cranberry, Goji, Almond
and Macadamia
Turkish Delight
(not fudge)
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Behold… Huon Valley Fudge, made right here! Not content with the usual half a dozen varieties you find in lesser lolly shops, Leonie has gone all out with dozens of flavours. Here is a partial list. There’s more coming every week!

Apple Crumble
Turkish Delight
Huon Berry Fruits
Orange Jaffa
Chocolate Licorice
Rocky Road
Oh My God!*
Lemon Meringue
Irish Cream
Pecan Pie
Mocha Coffee
Rum & Raisin
French Nougat
Creamy Chocolate
Apricot & Almond
Chocolate Sea Salt
Pistachio/Cranberry Nougat
Salted Caramel
Lemon Meringue Cheesecake
Hazelnut Coffee
Boysenberry Cheesecake
Sticky Date
Fruit & Nut
Strawberry Nougat
Choc Almond Nougat
Cranberry Orange Cream
Raspberry Delight

* Note: “Oh My God” is Caramel, Chocolate, Oreos, Peanut Butter and Marshmallow. You will agree that the shorter name is just as accurate.

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Vote 1, Lollies!

BirdieAn important message from Sir Beakley Featherstone-Birdsworth, President, CEO and CFI (Chief Feathered Inhabitant) of the Wall of Lollies:

My Fellow Huonvalleyans,

I address you today not merely as a successful and respected leader, not as just a famous and well-loved multi-billionaire philanthropist, Olympic athlete and super hero, but as a simple, humble feathered Huon Valley citizen with an important plea.

Please vote for the Wall of Lollies.

The Huon Valley Business Awards are open now, and everyone who lives and does business in our beautiful valley is eligible to vote.  The winner of the awards will, of course, be publicly praised and congratulated, and that’s a lovely thing.  But far more important for me as President, and for my loyal staff Leonie, Grant, Tracy, Sue and Jonathan, is that it will show us how much we matter to you.

You and I know there’s no lolly shop in the Valley anything like The Wall, and indeed nothing coming close anywhere in the world.  But does the whole of the Huon Valley know?  We must make sure!  Please vote for the Wall of Lollies and make sure the message gets out!

Yours flutteringly,

Sir Beakley Featherstone-Birdsworth OBE OMG LOL RSVP PMSL

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Lolly Buffets: The Party Is At Your Place

Mother's Day displayYou’ll have seen the spectacular displays of sweet things at the Wall of Lollies.  Leonie is an expert at putting together these lolly buffets full of the best flavours and colours.  Her window displays have won awards, and you always know Christmas or Halloween or Mother’s Day (pictured) are coming because of the decorative arrangements in the shop.

So what if you’re having a special occasion and you want the same sort of delicious, decorative display at your place?  You could probably hire some party planner at a zillion dollars a pop to produce something adequate, but now there’s a better option: Leonie can come to you!

Mother's Day display - not even half of it!Friends close to her suspect that she just loves making displays and wants an excuse to make more.  Which is good news for you: if you’ve got a special birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or a particularly important event coming up, contact Leonie at the Wall of Lollies and she will work out the best possible centrepiece for your celebration.  Her prices, unlike the party planners and their enormous bills, are not just reasonable but also highly flexible.  And she has the runs on the board, so you know you’ll be getting something amazing.

Give the Wall a call and see what Leonie can do for you.

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Eat A Bilby, Save A Bilby

Bilbies: cute or what?The symbol of Easter is the Easter Bunny, but in Australia the bunny has a bad reputation. Sure, rabbits are cute and fluffy say “What’s up, doc?” in an amusing way, but they also overrun our farmland, out-compete native species and breed like, well, rabbits. So a while ago, the Foundation for a Rabbit-Free Australia came up with the idea of The Easter Bilby, for a uniquely Aussie twist.

The Easter DisplayBilbies are cuter and fluffier than bunnies, and while they don’t usually have the same catch-phrases they make up for it in charisma.  They’re also highly endangered, and they need your help.

Pink Lady Chocolates, an Australian company now in its ninth decade, makes these delicious chocolate Easter Bilbies, and with every sale they donate to the Save A Bilby Fund.  They just gave a $10,000 cheque to the Currawinya National Park in Queensland to support the release back into the wild of bilbies bred in captivity.  You can support this generosity and support the cutest of Australian mammals.

Come in to the Wall of Lollies and check out the new Easter display, with Easter Bilbies taking centre stage.  Eat a bilby, save a bilby!

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Taste of the Lollies

The Taste of the Huon, the biggest and best celebration of food and drink the world has ever seen, returns on Sunday and Monday the 9th and 10th of March, and the Wall of Lollies will be there.

Only some of what's coming to a Valley near you

Along with all the usual food and wine and refined cultural entertainments of this annual event, over in stall #71 you’ll find Leonie with a selection of Tasmanian-made treats. You can expect to find truffles, chocolates, rock candy and assorted temptations, all made right here on the little big island.

But be warned…

There’s only so much that Leonie can carry to the Ranelagh Showground for the event. If you’re not in quick, you will miss out. And that would be unthinkable. So get there in time and come away with some real treats!

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The Truth About Global Warming

You’ve heard of global warming by now. The Earth is getting hotter, and it may be too late to do anything about it.  But the Wall of Lollies Department of Climate Infographics has come up with a solution that, we can all agree, will make it all better:


OK, it may not save the polar bears or prevent Fiji being inundated by 2050, but if warm weather is getting you down, some premium Tasmanian ice cream from Valhalla certainly can’t hurt. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Switch off the lights at home. You’re going to the lolly shop, so you don’t need to waste electricity while you’re out.
  2. If you live in sunny Geeveston, get out the old pushbike and ride down to the Wall of Lollies.  If you’re further away, get together with your friends and carpool, or catch a bus.  (That’s a free plug for Leonie’s husband Grant, who drives a bus for Tassielink!)
  3. Browse the extensive selection of ice creams.  Pick the one, two or three flavours you love best.
  4. Pick a size: a children’s cone with a lolly on top, or a single, double or even a triple.
  5. Enjoy the cool!

Lavender Ice CreamAnd since you’re coming in anyway, why not try some of the new flavours?  The Wall of Lollies is proud to present its new taste sensation, lavender ice cream.  Or if you’re a fan of Masaaki’s sushi (open next door, Fridays and Saturdays) and you want something suitably Japanese to go with your inari and your nagiri, why not try the new green tea ice cream?

But don’t worry – if you’re not quite that brave, there’s still the old favourites: rum and raisin, rainbow, raspberry cream… and that’s just one initial.  There’s lots more to choose from.

Come in and get cool for summer.

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Birdie Declares: Ten Percent Off Everything For Christmas!

BirdieOur beloved ruler, Sir Beakley Featherstone-Birdsworth, has been informed of the arrival of Christmas, and his generosity is legendary.  Come in on Christmas Eve (that’s next Tuesday) all day, and get ten percent off absolutely everything in the shop.  Everything!

(Except Birdie. He’s not for sale. The place would fall apart without him.  But everything else, definitely.)

Ten percent off. Only Christmas Eve. Only the Wall of Lollies. Who’s a pretty Birdie then?

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Christmas Gift Packs – Just In The (Saint) Nick Of Time

wol-gift-1At Christmas time, there are two types of people in the world.  There are the ones who say “oh goody, Christmas!” and spend their days installing reindeer antlers on their Subarus and humming Little Drummer Boy until their family disowns them.  For these people, the Wall of Lollies offers countless options, from apple bonbons to Zappos and everything in between.  The plan for these people is: walk in, go crazy, walk out with half the shop in prettily-wrapped bags.

wol-gift-2Then there are the ones whose only thought for Christmas is less pleasant (and may be unprintable).  For them, the Wall of Lollies has an option too: come to the shop, pick up a gift pack for your loved one or loved ones, hide it in a cupboard until The Day, and you don’t have to think about it any more.  And the best bit?  They won’t even realise you didn’t spend hours picking out just the right assortment!  Leonie has done all the work, you get all the credit, and Christmas is saved for another year!

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